Summer and Fall 2022


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Classes for Ages 1 to 3


Baby Ballet

Ages 1 to 3 with caregiver

Baby Ballet is an introduction for toddlers and Mommy to explore the world of dance together. Each class teaches beginning ballet movements, songs with motions, fun props like scarves, wands and maracas and dance games like freeze dance! Each 30 minute class will keep little ones engaged with non-stop movement, fun, imagination and learning that will leave your tiny dancer excited to return to class again and again!


Classes for Ages 3 to 6


Classes for Ages 7+


Jazz/Hip Hop

This class includes jazz technique and introductory hip-hop skills. Students will learn basic jazz technique through a warm-up, across the floor progressions and various jazz routines. Hip-hop routines will also be taught throughout the year. Come and participate in a fun-filled atmosphere and build self-confidence, dance skills, and performance experience.


Lyrical/Contemporary is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. A lyrical dancers’ movements attempt to tell a story and tell the meaning of the music through their dancing. Dancers will take the slow fluidity of ballet and combine it with the turns and leaps of jazz.
This class includes a warm-up, across the floor progressions, and lyrical/contemporary combination. Dancers enrolled in this class should have a foundation in ballet and jazz.


This class is offered at various levels and includes a tap warm-up, across the floor progressions, and combination at the end of class.

Tricks & Turns

This class increases flexibility and teaches acrobatic tricks  infused with dance skills, as well as advanced turns and leaps. Skills covered depend are individual skill level, but include cartwheels, front and side ariel work, chin stands, walkovers, stag leaps, axles, fuete turns and more.


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