5 Reasons to Choose Dance

We know that you have many choices when looking for a physical activity for your child. Here are five great reasons why choosing dance is the right choice!

1. Physical

Dancing provides many physical benefits including cardio exercise, weight control, increased energy, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, coordination, posture and body awareness.

2. Mental

Dancing has been demonstrated to be clinically effective at improving body self-image, confidence, self-esteem and increased attentiveness. Dancing can also reduce stress, fears and anxieties as well as lessen feelings of isolation, body tension, chronic pain and depression. Remembering sometimes complex dance moves and choreography enhances cognitive learning and has been shown to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in old age.

3. Emotional

Dancing helps people feel more joyful and confident and also allows them to express such issues as anger, frustration and loss that may be too difficult to express verbally.

4. Social

Dancing in a group helps to bring people out of isolation, increase communication skills and create powerful emotional social bonds to generate the good feelings that come from being with others.

5. FUN

Dancing is just plain fun! It is fun to learn, fun to perform and even fun to just watch!

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