Dance Classes

Class placement is determined by age, years experience, and individual student skill level. Instructors evaluate dancers during their first few classes and may move students up or down in levels accordingly.

Preschool Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Age 3-4)

This class is designed for our youngest dancers! Students enjoy creative movements, imaginative games, and song and dance in a fun-filled, accepting atmosphere. Students gain self and body awareness, as well as social experience with their peers. The class is 45 minutes in length with equal portions of time spent on ballet, tap and jazz.

Kinder Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Age 4-6)

This class is centered around creative, imaginative movements to help even the youngest dancer build the beginnings of ballet technique, tap and jazz movements. Kinder dancers will encounter their favorite songs and characters while enjoying a fun-filled, imaginative atmosphere that fosters emerging dance skills. This class is 45 minutes in length with equal portions of time spent on ballet, tap and jazz.


This class offers young students the opportunity to build their foundation for dance. Students will participate in full ballet barre technique, across the floor progressions, and allegro and adagio routines.


This class focuses on preparing the intermediate dancer to go en pointe. The class is structured around strengthening dancers’ feet, ankles and legs for the rigorous training that pointe requires. It is centered around advanced ballet technique. It is recommended that dancers enrolled in this class enroll in at least 2 other ballet classes. (Instructor consent required)


This class includes jazz technique and introductory hip-hop skills. Students will learn basic jazz technique through a warm-up, across the floor progressions and various jazz routines. Hip-hop routines will also be taught throughout the year. Come and participate in a fun-filled atmosphere and build self-confidence, dance skills, and performance experience.


This class includes a warm-up, across the floor progressions, and lyrical combination. Dancers enrolled in this class should have a foundation in ballet and jazz.


This class is offered at various levels and includes a tap warm-up, across the floor progressions, and combination at the end of class.


This class increases flexibility and teaches acrobatics infused with dance skills. Skills covered depend are individual skill level, but include cartwheels, front and side ariel work, chin stands, walkovers, and more.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to those students wishing to improve on ballet or jazz technique or the performance aspect of dance. They offer students the opportunity for one-on-one, individualized instruction in half-hour and hour sessions. Please contact the front desk to schedule your private lesson today! Days and times for private lessons depend on studio availability.

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